Habitable Zone: exploring the role of radation and distance *Astrolab University of Cologne Measure IR radiation (and temperature) as a function of distance. last tempAll -tempAll new count dx dy x y x2 y2 d2 d T_IR_raw T_IR_cal T_amb_raw T_amb_cal dHist T_IRHist T_ambHist 00 dx dy 1E 01 T_IR_raw T_amb_raw T_IRHist dHist T_IRHist dHist T_IRHist dHist T_ambHist dHist T_IR_raw T_IR_cal T_amb_raw T_amb_cal x last dx tempAll tempAll count tempAll last new count 0 new x y last dy tempAll tempAll -1 -tempAll tempAll count -tempAll last new count 0 new y x x x2 y y y2 x2 y2 d2 d2 0.5 d T_IR_cal count count 0 T_IR_cal T_IRHist count 0 T_amb_cal T_ambHist count 0 d dHist dHist T_IRHist T_ambHist